Portable Storage System for Keena Prints Stickers

Posted on 06 February 2018


Are you looking for a light-weight and portable storage system for your planner stickers?

In this blog, I would be sharing my current sticker storage system. I got this awesome idea from the members of KeenaPrints Philippines Facebook group, and I’m happy with how it turned out.

To create this storage, I used a 4R photo album that you can buy in a photo developing shop. This album is from Kodak, with a total of 36 sleeves. 

I placed 2 sets of Keena Prints sticker sheets per page (of code A000 - 2.3" x 4.9” size).

 And 1 set per page for stickers sheets with the size (code Z000 - 3.6" X 4.6”). 

Then, I changed the cover of the album using a decorated paper ( a repurposed paper placemat that I just got in a restaurant), cut into the size of album’s cover, and attached a Keena prints Lola sticker on it to make it more personalized. 

What I like about this system is that it is easy to browse, and the album is lightweight and portable and perfect for your on-the-go sticker storage. It’s convenient if you love bringing your stickers with you when traveling or for journaling and planning outside your home (i.e. in a coffee shop)

Here’s a flip through of the album on my YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/fkSFVvWu4cM

Hope this gave you some ideas on how to store your adorable Keena Prints stickers. Happy crafting!


Post wrtitten by: Marissa Geluz

FB: www.facebook.com/choosingbliss

IG : www.instagram.com/choosingbliss

YouTube: www.youtube.com/choosingbliss

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